Arasbaran Project

Construction of canal , Pipelines and drains of ARASBARAN Irrigation & Drainage network

Project Purpose :

ARASBARAN Project consisting of 4 subproject is located at eastern part of EAST AZARBAIJAN province at KALEYBAR City which has 32 villages with 5000 population . The purpose of project is construction of main canal , water conveyor pipeline plus drains for supply of irrigation water to 3000 Ha. Fertile lands in order to settle the tribes of area which due to lack of water in summer and non existing of cultivation immigrate to other areas.

Contractual Specification :
Client :
EAST AZERBAIJAN & ARDAIL Regional water Authority

Consulting :
PANDAM Consulting Engineers

Technical Specification :

  • Excavation                                                                       72,000 Cu.m.
  • Embankment                                                                  169 000 Cu.m.
  • Construction of Main Canal                                          2,000 m.l.
  • Construction of Steel pipeline                                     14,000 m.l.
  • Construction of Pump Station building                      12 Nos.
  • Volume of Concrete                                                       7,000 Cu.m.
  • Shuttering                                                                        7,000 Sq.m.
  • Reinforcement                                                                450,000 Kg.