Hesar-Khorvan-Shirkuh-Shahrak Road Project Lot 2

Construction of Hesarkharvan-Shirkuh-Shahrak Highway

Project Purpose :

QAZVIN city, capital of Qazvin province located in the Southern foothill of ALBORZ The Highway connects Qazvin to Tonkabon which is a beautiful city of Caspian sea shoreline in Northern foothill of ALBORZ and a long high mountains in between. The habitants of Qazvin province and surrounding area for travel to Caspian seaside shall drive a long and crowd traffic roads to Karaj or Rasht cities then to North sea sides. The project cuts the way directly from Qazvin to sea side and make this path to one third. The second part of this road is being done in frame of this contract.

Contractual Specification :
Client :
QAZVIN Transportation Authority

Consulting :
BEHIN-TARADDOD-PARS consulting engineers Co.

Technical Specification :

  • Construction of Part 2 of Hesarkharvan-Shirkuh-Shahrak Highway with 18Km long and 9m wide road including following works
  • Excavation, Filling Leveling, Compaction & finishing
  • Execution of 15cm thick sub base & 15cm thick base
  • Execution of one layer of binder 7cm thick
  • Execution of one layer of topka 5cm thick
  • Execution of shoulders of road
  • Construction of relevant bridges, Culverts etc.
  • Installation of guard rails, mileage posts and traffic signs