H.S.E. Policies

Management of company has overall responsibility for Environmental Management within the firm. The management acknowledges that it is its duty to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable that the Environment of working sites is conducted. The Environmental management system should be developed, implemented and monitored appropriate to the work according to national and international standards.
Management of Environment is an integral part of proper management at all levels. Systematically and strictly the Environmental Management responsibilities of all personnel would be defined and allocated, and, everyone is expected to contribute by exercising his/her personal responsibility. The HSE management system shall be based on following policies:

  • Human resources are the greatest company's capital and people have the right to work safely without risks to their health, and to live in good condition by Environment.
  • People, flora and fauna have the right to live in safe Environment in project area, particular care shall be taken to manage and maintain the Environment.
  • It is obvious that: (Damages to Environment can be prevented by the identification and management of risks).
  • Emergency procedures should be provided, reviewed and updated, and it shall be assured that all employees understand their duties and reactions in the event of an emergency.
  • This policy will be pursued wherever the company's operations are performed and we cooperate with and monitor the performance of contractors who work with/for us in term of Environmental Management.