Khanabad Project

KHANABAD Irrigation Scheme Rehabilitation Project LOT-1

Project Purpose :

1-Repair to concrete of nine spillway bays – glaces and stilling basins with high strength concrete .
2-replacement of glaces & stilling basins of Under sluice Bays 1-3 &13 with new concrete and still liner protection for U/S approach & D/S floor and wall .
3-Removal of existing sediment excluder vanes and construction of tunnel Excluders in Bays 1 and 13
4-Extension of concrete divider wall between Bays 11 and 12 .
5-Raising of the cill level of stilling basins and placement of concrete blocks and stone protection U/S & D/S
6-Repair of upstream and downstream guide banks at Right & Left banks
7-Construction two new guide and flood protection bunds at Right & Left banks as well as gabion works

Contractual Specification :
Client :

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Technical Specification :

  • Main concrete Barrage                                                161.5 m.
  • Concrete spillway bays                                                9×10m.
  • Under sluiceways bays                                                4×10m.
  • Concrete Stilling Basin                                                 3230m2
  • Two earth Guide Banks Down Stream
  • Two new earth Guide Bank U/S
  • One earth Guide Bank upstream
  • One Gabion flood protection bund upstream
  • Tunnel Sediment Excluders                                         9 Nos.
  • D/S stone & concrete protection works