Polerud Project

Construction of POL-E-RUD Diversion Dam

Project Purpose :

POL-E-RUD Diversion Dam is constructed on Pole-e-rud river to rise up the river’s flow to take the water by gravity to the Left & Right bank canals for irrigation of downstream lands.
The project is being built on Pol-e-rud river at 3 Km South-West of Rahim abad town around 250 m. downstream of Pol-e-rud and samoush rivers Conjunction. Project consists of a concrete dam at the middle and an earth dam at right abutment. The dam comprises of Spillway & Stilling basin, Sluice way, Intake, Desalting basin, Water distributor, Fish ladder and a siphon to the right bank canal as well as a walkway bridge and cutoff wall underneath the dam.

Contractual Specification :
Client :
GILAN Regional Water Authority

Consulting :
MAHAB GHODSS Consulting Engineers Co.

Technical Specification :

  • Average discharge released                           31.5 Cu.m./Sec.
  • Diversion Dam Type                                         concrete with an earth dyke
  • Spillway Type                                                    Free Ogee, Concrete
  • Spillway height                                                  5 m. from riverbed
  • Spillway Length                                                 101 m.L.
  • Cut off wall Length                                            311 m.L.
  • Volume of Concrete                                          45,000 Cu.m.
  • Reinforcement                                                    1,350,000 Kg.