Sangar Water Supply Project

Construction of water transmission Pipeline From SANGAR Treatment Plant to 30,000 Cu.m. Reservoir

Project Purpose :

Construction of a new pipeline from GILAN (SANGAR) great water treatment plant to 30,000 Cu.m. reservoir and return gravity pipeline from reservoir to water transmission line to east of GILAN is the main purpose of project which supplies the treated water from SANGAR W.T.P. to eastern cities of GILAN province.

Contractual Specification :
Client :
GILAN Regional Water Authority

Consulting :
IRANAB Consulting Engineers Co.

Technical Specification :

  • Construction of 1,250 mm. dia. Pre-stressed Concrete pipeline                                             5,488 m.
  • Construction of 1,200 mm. dia. Steel Pipeline                                                                            648 m.
  • Construction of insitu concrete manhole                                                                                    15 Nos.
  • Installation of Hydro mechanical Equipment                                                                              15 Nos.
  • Construction of insitu concrete piles                                                                                            55 Nos.
  • Construction of 55 span pile foundation Bridge on Sefid Rud river each 12 m. Length      648 m.