Sefidrud-D4 Project

Sefid Rud Irrigation & Drainage Network
Construction of main Irrigation & Drainage network Section D-4 (BP 94 Canal)

Project Purpose :

Project is located at North east of ASTANEH city , in Continuation of main irrigation & drainage network of development section D-4 comprising of construction of BP 94 main canal as well as primary and secondary drains . Construction of main canal and branches , taking 8.9 Cu.m./Sec. water from HESHMATRUD river will increase cultivated area from 5,680 Ha. to 7,500 Ha. , furthermore Construction of main drains and branches in this area will result in upgrading of farmlands' soil quality as well as prevention land inundation .

Contractual Specification :
Client :
Gilan Regional water Authority

Consulting :
SEFID RUD Consulting Engineers Co.

Technical Specification :

  • Construction of 8 Power Plant Buildings
  • Construction of BP94 main irrigation canal       8,208 m.l.
  • Construction of main drains C-92 , C-92-1        9,870 m.l.
  • Construction of Secondary drains                      30,159 m.l.
  • Construction of Roads & Bridges                        49,279 m.l.
  • Construction of Syphones                                    92 Nos.
  • Construction of Hydraulic Structures                 210 Nos.