Vadan Project


Project Purpose :

Construction of Rock fill Dam
Construction of Concrete diversion Culvert
Construction of water intake tower and Irrigation outlet
Construction of Bottom outlet and Irrigation Conduit
Construction of Spillway and stilling Basin
Construction of operation and Maintenance Buildings
Execution of Grout Curtain underneath of clay core
Installation and operation of Hydro mechanical Equipment
Installation and operation of Dam safety monitoring Equipment

Contractual Specification :
Client :
TEHRAN Regional water authority

Consulting :
MOSHANIR Consulting Engineers Co.

Technical Specification :

  • Type of Dam                                                                                 Rock fill with clay core
  • Height of Dam from Foundation                                               34m.
  • Length of Dam crest                                                                   240 m.
  • Width of Dam crest                                                                     8 m.
  • Reservoir Volume                                                                        2.6 Millions Cu.m.
  • Type of Spillway                                                                          Concrete Side Channel Spill way
  • Length of Spillway crest
  • Length of Spillway chute