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Work Experiences

GOWHARRUD Co. has completed numerous projects in various fields as follows :

- Irrigation & Drainage network comprising main and secondary canals
- Water transmission lines
- Water supply and distribution networks
- Construction of water treatment plants
- Construction of Pumping Stations
- Construction of Dams , Weirs & Water Tunnels
- Construction of Roads & Bridges
- Construction of Hydraulic Structures and installation of equipment
- Construction of concrete and steel reservoirs
- Construction of foundations such as sheet piles , in-situ & prefabricated concrete piles
- Construction of residential complexes and Buildings

Moreover the Managers and Technical staff of company during their work life have dealt with the huge projects such as Dam Construction , Tunneling , Construction of Roads & Bridges , Construction of Irrigation & drainage networks , Construction of water supply network , water & waste water treatment plants … etc. within the home country and overseas . Thanking to these vital professional activities they have gained valuable experience and expertise .

Projects in Progress
Projects Completed