Sangar Dam Project

Construction of SANGAR Left Canal Part two

Project Purpose :

Before Construction of this project, the development units F1, F2, F3 were irrigating by Fuman Canal while units F4 & F5 were facing with water shortage. Execution of project resulted in 150 Cu.m./Sec. water transmission to SANGAR Left Canal which besides revival of BP7 , SHAKHARZ & SP14 Canals, will irrigate units F1, F2, F3. Consequently 4 Cu.m./Sec. of Fuman Canal’s water that previously was irrigating above Cited units, nowadays is being used for water deficiency of units F4 & F5.

Contractual Specification :
Client :
GILAN Regional Water Authority

Consulting :
IRANAB Consulting Engineers Co.

Technical Specification :

  • Construction of 1,250 mm. dia. Pre-stressed Concrete pipeline                                             5,488 m.
  • Construction of 1,200 mm. dia. Steel Pipeline                                                                            648 m.
  • Construction of insitu concrete manhole                                                                                    15 Nos.
  • Installation of Hydro mechanical Equipment                                                                              15 Nos.
  • Construction of insitu concrete piles                                                                                            55 Nos.
  • Construction of 55 span pile foundation Bridge on Sefid Rud river each 12 m. Length      648 m.