Sefidrud-D5 Project

Sefid Rud Irrigation & Drainage Network
Construction of Irrigation & Drainage Canals Section D-5 Eastern Part

Project Purpose :

Regarding the topographic condition, having no regulators & Intakes and other hydraulic structures, water extraction from Seyd Ali Akbari canal has being done traditionally using temporary straw dams which created a lot of sedimentation in water courses as well as extra unwanted water to downstream. This issue in turn was creating inefficient irrigation and heavy water losses. This project resulted in mechanized efficient irrigation of 1,500 Hectares rice bowls of NaserKiadeh, Kurandeh, Tazeh abad & Chaff villages. Construction of Drains in this area upgraded the Quality of farmland’s soil as well as prevention of land inundation.

Contractual Specification :
Client :
Gilan Regional water Authority

Consulting :
PANDAM Consulting Engineers Co.

Technical Specification :

  • Construction of 8 Power Plant Buildings
  • Access and Maintenance Roads       29 Km.
  • Concrete Line Canals                          400 m.
  • Elevated Concrete Canals                  16,900 m.
  • Drainage Canals                                   12,000 m.
  • Concrete Hydraulic Structures          2,200 Cu.m.
  • Hydro mechanical Equipment           69 Nos.
  • Excavation                                             150,000 Cu.m.
  • Embankment                                        160,000 Cu.m.
  • Shuttering                                              12,000 Sq.m.
  • Reinforcement                                      317,000 Kg..